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We are looking for an “Strategic Planning Executive” who will play a key role in achieving Çimsa’s strategic objectives.


  • Minimum 6 years of work experience, of which, 3 years in strategy consulting or corporate strategy roles,
  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputable local or global university with a Finance, Business, Economics and/or Industrial Engineering concentration
  • Good understanding of general M&A scope and documentation such as information memorandum, teaser, valuation, due diligence process, SPA and SHA,
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills both in Turkish and English,
  • The person who will serve this role is expected to work with senior executives of group companies on multiple critical projects at the same time to be an internal strategy and M&A consultant within the group.,
  • Strong communication skills and sense of responsibility,
  • High determination to succeed and positive energy,
  • Ready for a busy working environment,
  • Effective communication skills with a strong collaboration culture.
  • Self-motivated, analytic, adaptive and result-oriented,
  • Experience with managing multiple complex business projects in parallel.

Job Description:

  • Lead the strategic formulation process in determining corporate strategies and identify necessary data sources.
  • Collaborate with business units to provide support in determining strategic actions aligned with the strategic plan and monitor the implementation of plans.
  • Ensure the appropriate infrastructure is utilized in the processes under responsibility.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration within and between departments.

ÇİMSA considers equality, diversity and inclusiveness in business life as a part of the culture of doing business, and implements the policies it publishes and practices related to this. To contribute to creating a more socially inclusive world by providing fairer and equal working environments for all; It aims to develop creativity by providing different perspectives by employees using all their talents and differences that make them special, at work, to attract people from all segments of the society who do their jobs in the best way and to retain existing talents. ÇİMSA observes the principle of “Equality at Work” in all its processes. In this context, it aims to provide gender equality by providing equal opportunities to its female and male employees, to fight against stereotypes and prejudices of sexism, and to prevent all kinds of discrimination.

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