Process Manager

Orta - Üst Düzey Yönetici
Eskişehir, Mersin
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As one of the first two brands in the world in white cement, Çimsa is an international cement manufacturer with its terminals in Houston (USA), Hamburg (Germany), Trieste (Italy), Sevilla and Alicante (Spain), Famagusta (T.R.N.C.). In the second quarter of 2019, Çimsa signed the agreement for the acquisition of Buñol, the white cement plant with Europe’s most advanced production technology.

For our growing organization, we are currently looking for a strong profile to join our team as Process Manager.

The Manager will be the key person to execute operational targets and, a member operations leadership team.

Job Description

  • Being able to lead/coordinate programs and project across the whole organization
  • Being capable to work/collaborate with the leadership team and other functions
  • Being competent to lead activities related to process and process engineers located in plants 
  • Supporting Operations Vice President operations for performance management and the agenda 
  • Focusing on key enablers for short and long term of objectives in operations 
  • Being able to challenge status que and open for change 
  • Building systems & structures, leverage standardization and build capabilities across the company under Cimsa Manufacturing System
  • Supporting continues improvement initiatives and coordinate development projects together with the plants

Desired Skills and Experience 

  • Degree in engineering, (MS is preferred).
  • Preferably previous experience in production – especially cement production.
  • Aware of production performance indicators (KPI) systematics
  • Having a deep understanding of process development and efficiency.
  • Ability to communicate in written & spoken English fluently.
  • Team player but also appreciative of a good mixture of personal responsibility and self-motivation.
  • No restriction to travel degree

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